Home: Recycled Glass Tile

Home: Recycled Glass Tile

Recycled glass tile was one of the materials that seem nice to use especially if you are the artistic type. Recycled glass tile has become popular with architects and homeowners who are drawn to its unique aesthetic and the distinct individuality it possesses makes it unique.

When you consider that the only environmental benefit is that it uses recycled materials, it’s hard to state exactly how environmentally sensitive recycled glass tile. Before using, the glass must be melted — a process that disburse immense amounts of energy. Glass can be recycled into many different things, not limited to tiles and while it’s good to keep consumer waste out of landfills.

Using recycled glass, it would be hard to get a homogeneous color. Many manufacturers combine the types of glass they use because of this basis. It may contain less than 25 percent of post-consumer glass for some colors of glass tile. Just recognize that the actual environmental profit may be quite small and that’s not to say that these tiles aren’t fitter environmentally than other options.

Recycled Glass Tile

Glass Tile is Fragile

Glass tiles are not as imminent with their product’s tendency to scratch and even shatter while glass tile makers will often stress out the ability of glass to resist stains and chemical damage. Glass tile is probably best used for a backsplash or as a decorative accent to another material to preserve it. Best to opt for a rough, cloudy variety to hide the inevitable scratches if you really wanted to use it on a more high traffic area, like a foyer or even a kitchen countertop.

Glass Tile Installation Tips

Compared with other tiles, installing glass tile is not easy. For example, you start by applying the adhesive with a notched trowel, then pressing the tile onto the wall when you install ceramic tile. As the individual lines of adhesive can be seen through the glass if care is not appropriate, with translucent glass tile, the process is much more complicated.

Try to smooth the adhesive with a metal trowel after applying it to the wall is the easiest way to avoid this complication. You must also know how much thinset is needed to keep the tile in place. The fundamental is to make sure that the layers are even.

Also, if you are not a pro installer, seek the assistance of a professional to properly install the recycled glass tile.

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